Welcome to Lowveld Cycling - Supporting your cycling in Mpumalanga
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You must be a cycling enthusiast – that is why you clicked to check out this web site. One of the “basic needs” of a cycling enthusiast is to ride. We want to ride every weekend which means we want to know who else is riding so that we have company on the ride. This site will update you weekly on the rides that is happening in the Lowveld region.

Lowveldcycling.co.za is not a cycling club or a cycle shop nor is it affiliated to any one club or shop in the Lowveld region. It is completely independent and has no interest in promoting any one club or business above another. You, the cyclist, can therefore trust this website not to show bias towards any other party but solely to you the user. The purpose of this website is to supply you with the best information we can so as to enhance your cycling experience.

Please feel free to register on this website as this will enable me to send you a weekly newsletter about the rides and races happening, maybe a bit of news. You will also be able to list second had bike stuff for a fee.

Keep those legs turning!

NOTE: To register and recieve a weeky newsletter email me - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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